Hello my name is Aimee and I am dairy challenged, or as my friends prefer to call me a ‘lactard’.

I struggled for years with dairy intolerance, shrugging it off like any cheese junkie would. But, what was once a nuisance became increasingly uncomfortable, and what was once uncomfortable became full blown armageddon, a severe intolerance and allergy. Combine that with IBS and you can begin to understand why my kitchen quickly became a dairy free zone.

I’ve always loved cooking, but when I first went dairy free it was almost impossible to find recipes that weren’t vegan or full of replacements. But, having always been a fan of Asian and Mediterranean food, which is naturally dairy free, I knew they were out there. So I dug deeper, searching for exciting dishes from all over the world –  dishes that stuck two fingers up at dairy. And, while that culinary journey has only just begun, I think that it’s about time somebody showed the world just how easy it is to have a dairy free diet. That’s why I created Accidental Dairy Free.

So here they are – my dairy free kitchen adventures – proving that it’s not about removing dairy, it’s about realising it was never needed in the first place.

– Aimee